Employee Share Plans

Employee Share Plans are a specific type of employee benefits that require a specific approach, not only with respect design, accounting and financial reporting but also with respect to the administration and regulatory and fiscal requirements.

The fair value accounting standards for employee share-based payments can cause a headache for many finance departments. Our team has a thorough knowledge of IFRS2 and FRS20 and has helped many companies understand the requirements.

We have a suite of modelling tools, including Black-Scholes, binomial models, and Monte Carlo models, which allow us to value even the most complex awards efficiently. They allow us to use the most cost-effective solution and tailored to meet the needs of each client.

We can assist you in the design, implementation, administration and communication of employee share plans.

Our Talk Software (see also other sections in this document) is especially designed for the administration of employee share plans either on its own or integrated with other remuneration or employee benefit plans.

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