Communication of Benefits

Communication of your employment terms and conditions is as important as the design of your plans and benefits.

Indeed, employee benefits are an important investment but are also complex matters for your employees. Therefore, to become cost-effective in an optimal way, your employees must have a clear understanding of the benefits they are entitled to. It is thus critical to select the appropriate communication vehicle.

You can rely on our experience for the drafting of the information booklets and individual benefit statements (breakdown of the benefits of each employee). We can also assist you in preparing the presentation to the staff members and the organisation of individual information sessions.

The new communication technologies may prove, in this context extremely useful: Internet and Intranet allow an interactive communication. We own the know-how and the technology necessary to keep your employees permanently informed of their benefits and individual rights in an interactive way. For this, we have developed Talk Software, allowing your employees to review at any moment the current situation of their employee benefits, but also in case of flexible benefits/cafeteria plans to adapt the employee benefits and budget allocation to their own specific situation.

Your staff members will be able to verify at any time their individual rights and even to carry out simulations by composing the formula that fits the best their family situation.

Please refer to the section "Communication of Compensation and Benefits" if you would like your communication of employee benefits to be integrated in the wider communication of total remuneration or of communication of your employment conditions.

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