Diagnostic Review

We have developed the Diagnostic Review of pensions and employee benefits, a comprehensive assessment of the current situation of your plan design and of the operational activity.

This assessment is important as it can be used as the foundation for the design, development and implementation of the Future Strategy or State.

Each person is different, so is also each company, pension or employee benefit plan each of them with their own size, complexity, rules, aspirations and ambitions. For this, we have designed and developed a special Modular and Multi Level Service Delivery Model taking into the aforementioned that each company, pension or employee benefit plan has its own specific situations, needs and available budget.

In particular, for the Diagnostic Review of the Current State, we have developed a Three Level Modular Service Delivery Model to be able to respond to different needs:

  • Level 1: "High Level Diagnostic Review"
  • Level 2: "Comprehensive Diagnostic Review"
  • Level 3: "In Depth Diagnostic Review"

We will perform a Diagnostic Review of the Current Situation of the operation (including a SWOT analysis of your vision, strategy, organisation structure and operational model).

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